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We like to take pictures of what we like to do (that would be riding motorcycles, in case you haven't noticed).


Since riding a motorcycle is like meditation. And there is just nothing like it.


Only with a bird's eye view, you can truly understand the greatness of the roads that you are riding.

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Motosport Schweiz // Video: Trip nach Albanien

The above video clip shows our impressions of a fantastic motorcycle journey to Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, Slovenia. The full article will be posted later, as soon as the […]


Motosport Schweiz // Musclecruiser Test

In the latest edition of the Motosport Schweiz Magazine, the most popular motorcycle magazine of Switzerland, 4 fantastic muscle cruisers were tested and compared to one another. The gladiators: a […]


2016 Travel Report // Balcony Roads & The Moon, France

*** ALL PICTURES ARE ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE *** My parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams… One of them discovering new, remote places with intriguing landscapes, going where only […]


2016 Furkapass // first ride of the season

On June 4th, the Furkapass opened – a great excuse to take a look. Wet and cold weather didn’t bother me much… The pass runs in the Swiss mountains between […]


Schwanau Island // Lake Lauerz, Switzerland

A very quick flight, just before the rain came, on a clouded Sunday, above Lake Lauerz (“Lauerzersee”) and the isle of Schwanau, Switzerland. Located on this island is the Schwanau […]


2016 Splügenpass // first ride of the season

First 2016 ride on the Swiss/Italian Splügenpass, between Splügen (CH) and Chiavenna (IT), literally seconds after the pass opened on April 22, 2016. The road block was opened right in […]

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Lennart Andreas

Photographer // Rider

Riding bikes for a long time; taking pictures for an even longer time… By showing our guests our pictures, goal is to let them relive the emotions that we experience. That’s all…